Songs You Should Hear: New Music Edition

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by Jasmine Respess and Jordi Gonzalez

“Slide” by Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos

This is a worthy collaboration by the three artists all reaching their primes. Harris provides the backing music, Ocean the lyrical hooks with his unique voice and Migos with the ever-so-demanded rap segments that most pop music is including these days. Still I’ve been digging Migos over most flows these days.

“Heartworms” by the Shins

This song has a strong raw indie rock feel to it that’s perfect for unwinding, or even for a road trip with friends for positive vibes. It starts off with backup vocals and harmonization that remind me of classic 60’s folk rock even using back and forth conversational vocal styles in the chorus like those times. Most definitely a love inspired song.  

“3WW” by alt-J

The guitar (or whatever string instrument it may be) in the beginning makes me feel like I’m in an old Western movie during an intense dramatic scene. It’s an eerie song that has strange dissonant sounds to the ear, yet it keeps me interested as it draws me in to understand more. Does the title mean “Third World War”?

“Meditation” – GoldLink ft Jazmine Sullivan, KAYTRANADA

I have loved GoldLink for a while now. Every time I hear him I think he is not from the United States, yet he is from the D.C. area. His style reminds me of Theophilus London. This song is a true single, a sign that GoldLink is moving into a more mainstream realm. 

Still, the song remains unapologetically black just as “Dark Skinned Woman” on And After That We Don’t Talk.

Shether” – Remy Ma

I debated going here, but I feel like if I did not I would be remised. The Remy v Nicki beef is the stuff of rap legends. This drag is everything, it is almost too much. Like I won’t list what was said here, but check it out. Be warned, if you have second hand embarrassment like I do, you will be continually cringing for Nicki Minaj. 

“No Frauds” – Nicki Minaj. 

This is a weak ass response to Shether to be honest. Remy Ma flat raps. Nicki is singing at least half the time. Remy claimed that Nicki does not write her own raps, therefore she is not the best woman rapper. Nicki putting out a songwith Drake and Wayne is not a good look. Still, Nicki has the sales, but Remy Ma never claimed to be the best selling, just the best rapper, so I am going to need more before I revoke this L. 

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