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A lot happens in the music world between the Catalyst’s weekly production schedule. While Caitlyn and Jasmine would love to cover it all, they can’t – so, instead, we gave them a category and had them write up bite-sized blurbs on a handful songs from that category. This week’s best long-distance relationship songs – take a look at the results below.

“Distance Disturbs Me” – Set It Off

“Distance Disturbs Me” encapsulates all the angst Cinematics-era Set It Off could muster (and that’s a lot) to create a track that understands the anger long-distance relationships can induce. With a bridge that laments, “I would kill to be a mile away / Or feel the breath you’ll take / But fate won’t let me,” “Distance Disturbs Me” is the guitar-heavy track with infectious vocals everyone in a long-distance relationship will dramatically sing at least three times a week.

“If These Sheets Were States” – All Time Low

“Because I don’t sleep at all without you pressed up against me / I settle for long distance calls, I’m lost in empty pillow talk again,” says the chorus of All Time Low’s “If These Sheets Were States,” basically encompassing a long-distance relationship in two concise lines. In fact, the track from All Time Low’s 2012 (and best, if I can say) album Don’t Panic does not just relate to long-distance relationships – it is about them, wrapped in a cute, satisfying package that’s easy to cheer you up on a lonely night.

“7” – Catfish And The Bottlemen

“7” is representative of Catfish And The Bottlemen’s hard-hitting indie-rock masterpieces, often romantic in an unassuming way thanks to frontman Van McCann’s straightforward and no-frills attitude. In this track, McCann chronicles life on the road, mirroring the perils of a long-distance relationship – especially those with a time change. Exasperated, the lyrics reveal, “Promise again that I would call her / Forget the time because I’m seven hours behind.”

“Misery” – Creeper

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down, you need a sad song to commiserate with – and Creeper’s “Misery” is simply the most beautiful option out there. As soon as frontman Will Gould’s enchanting vocals kick in, you know the track is going to be special – culminating in the legendary lyric, “Just hold my hand for a little while / Misery never goes out of style.” However, most importantly, “Misery” reminds us that it’s okay to feel not okay, especially when your partner is absent.

“Don’t Give Up On ‘Us’” – The Maine

The Maine’s “Don’t Give Up On ‘Us’” is one of those songs I could pop on in a quiet coffee shop and start grooving to inconspicuously behind my headphones. However, the groovy beat overshadows its powerful lyrics, essential for anyone journeying through a tough situation – such as a long-distance relationship – where sometimes quitting seems like the easier option. “Don’t you dare, don’t you ever give up on us,” the chorus begs after the bridge proudly states, “Trust in us – we’re all that you’ve got these days.”

“Ghost Train” – Summer Camp

This song is about trying to get through to someone. Which can be hard when you are far apart. I used to listen to this on my ipod and be angsty by public lakes.

“All Night Long” – Beyonce

My favorite song on Lemonade. I love this song, because just when you think Yonce is about to drop a homie, she is vulnerable with this song, although still trepidatious with with line “give you some time to know that I can trust you again.” In my experience, this is how long distance relationships go, you may fight but the next time you see them it’s all “Kiss up and love up and rub up on you.”

“Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry

IDC this is simply the perfect pop song. You can play it when you are apart from your smoochie and remember all the fun times y’all have had. Everyone in a long distance relationship can relate to the lines “Let’s run away and not ever come back.”

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