Songs you should hear – Exercise edition

Songs you should hear – Exercise edition

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A lot happens in the music world between the Catalyst’s weekly production schedule. While Caitlyn and Jasmine would love to cover it all, they can’t – so, instead, we gave them a category and had them write up bite-sized blurbs on a handful songs from that category. This week’s best exercise songs – take a look at the results below.

“Running With The Wild Things” – Against The Current

Signed to Fueled By Ramen, Against The Current are an up-and-coming pop-rock outfit I predict is on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. Frontwomen Chrissy Costanza’s vocals are simply irresistible, and their track, “Running With The Wild Things,” is an electrifying choice for your workout playlist that will actually make you want to hit the fitness center. – CR

“Sunrise” – Our Last Night

“Sunrise” is a song for the morning exercisers. Don’t let the piano ballad at the beginning fool you – it’s just a light and graceful buildup to the track’s explosive chorus, encouraging you to “make it to the sunrise.” – CR

“Underdog” – You Me At Six

On my long runs, I like to create a Spotify playlist in advance. A song I always place at the point when my energy wanes, “Underdog” by the British lads in You Me At Six, with its hard-hitting drum beat at the beginning and “I’m down, down—but definitely not out” lyrics at the bridge, will push you to go the extra mile. – CR

“Int’l players club” – UGK 

I would  listen to this when I ran cross country. The lyrics “I need a real street stalker to walk a green mile helped me over any  hump. – JR

“Anaconda” – Nicki Minaj 

An iconic song remixed from Sir Mix A Lots classic song. Trying to rap while running is also a fun practice in lung capacity. – JR

“Only Girl in the World” – Rihanna 

Running around Bay shore blasting this drowns out all the noise and dancing a little makes the exercise tolerable. – JR

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