Songs you should hear: Candy edition

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by Jasmine Respess and Jordi Gonzalez

Sweetness, it drives kids crazy. It’s found in delicacies such as chocolate, cake, maple syrup, fruits, cookies and candy. Yes candy, the hidden treasures we hunt for on Easter. The currency that is bartered on Halloween. The cure to any doctor’s appointment. Most importantly, the inspiration to these songs.

“Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground

The song has a definite 90s sound to it with a grungy feel like Nirvana instilled. What really draws me in is the ridiculously catchy lines and when the music stops just for the singer to sing a line, which is then immediately followed by the band jamming at the same time. It really makes me wonder where this guy must have been straight from the first line, “I smell sex and candy here”.

“Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies

This late 60s groove makes good use of keyboards and female backup vocals that add to the feel good style it gives off. Coming from a time where it seemed like all music was inherently good willed and inhumanely optimistic, the song radiates good vibes and could go well in any outdoor environment, like the beach. I remember listening to this a lot as a kid (who had and still does have the biggest sweet tooth) and getting pumped whenever it came on in my mom’s old school radio station.

“Lollipop”–– Lil Wayne

It was not so long ago that Lil Wayne was everyone’s favorite rapper, somehow he is still Chance the Rapper’s. I remember you were not cool unless you knew all the words and honestly that is still true.

“Laffy Taffy” –– D4L 

A song that I downloaded on Limewire, because my mom really hated it. 

Sugar –– Trick Daddy and Ludacris 

For some reason the 00s had a lot of song like this. Although this song does not actually have a candy title, lyrics such as, “goodie goodie gumdrop” qualify it and then some. 

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