Some light is shed on recent trespasses

Alumnus Brian Lee remains trespassed from the the New College campus. He, the New College Student Alliance (NCSA) and others await Vice President of Finance and Administration John Martin’s decision on whether to lift or maintain the threat of arrest that he faces.

Outside of his capacity as Chief Justice of the Student Court, thesis student Thomas “TM” Mawn has requested documents concerning the trespass from the Campus Police Department (CPD), and received them. All students may download them, as well as an audio recording of Lee’s meeting with administrators in the Sudakoff Center on Sept. 16, via Megaupload. Links to these downloads have been emailed to the Students “Listserv” in a message entitled “Information about students’ meeting with administrators regarding Brian Lee.”

The NCSA has made the CPD aware of the fact that the Student Code of Conduct does not require that guests who are in the company of their student sponsor carry a guest pass. The Code of Conduct was approved by the Board of Trustees and therefore holds authority over the CPD as long as it does not conflict with the law. It does require that guests keep their pass on them when they are away from their sponsor.

Information regarding the audio recording, along with the rising number of trespasses in general, is upcoming and will be published in the Catalyst’s Oct. 6 issue.

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