Six ideal ways to spend your refund checks

At long last, refunds have arrived. For those of us receiving that surplus of funds from loans, scholarships, etc., now is the time to finally pay bills and buy groceries and fill gas tanks. There’s some things we’re technically not supposed to use our refunds for, like buying a car or buying gifts for people, but there’s no Refund Police to monitor where your money goes. But say all your physical needs for survival are met and you’ve bought all your textbooks and you could blow that refund on whatever you wanted. What would you spend that money on? Here are some ideas:

  1. Pay the NCPD to attend walls so we can actually start having them again
  2. Pay TAs a living wage
  3. Commission an artist to paint portraits of the elderly dogs of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
  4. Impulse purchase a bumblebee costume for a baby, even though you don’t have a baby
  5. Dress up as an old person and pay full price to go to the Ringling
  6. Hire a traffic cop to let you drive across 41 whenever you want instead of having to wait five minutes at the Shell intersection for the light to turn green

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