Shell adds to quirkiness with antique store

Antiques by Jasmine
Various wares are offered by vendors at the Antique Shop when it sets up in front of Shell.

The Shell station is a common spot for New College students to do the usual activities such as, grabbing snacks, buying beverages, or filling up. The Shell is a mainstay of the New College experience. For the past two years, Kim and JR have been setting up shop in the Shell parking lot. The partners offer jewelry, baskets, boots, hats, brooches,  and patches galore. There is even some full sized furniture availble. Although some items are individually priced, barging can be done, especially with bulk purchases. Even though the antiques and other items are a sight to be seen, the real show happens when you order a fruit bowl.

Under a sign labeled “Fruit Ninja,” two prices are given. One for dollars and one for six. The “Fruit Ninja,” JR, cuts up the freshest pieces of fruit right in front of the customer. Some of the fruits included were mango, melon, watermelon, and grapes. All juicy and delicious. But the kicker is not just the ripe fruit, but option to add spices to the mix. JR has two options one spicer powder and another sweeter spice sauce.

The beauty of the Shell station is that its location allows for these kinds of quirky businesses to exist. And for the struggling college student, the Shell’s most recent addition allows one to buy a little glamour or just gaze at the funny things on the way to class.

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