NCSA weekly updates – September 23

On Wednesday, Sept. 17, a Towne Meeting was held in Hamilton “Ham” Center. Legislation included a Four Winds customer satisfaction survey, changing “Center of Universe Party” to “Center of the Universe Party” – both with the acronym COUP, and a presentation of the “Something Wicked This Way Comes” COUP theme. An Emergency Towne Meeting is planned for tonight at 9:00 p.m. after a petition of more than 100 signatures was garnered. The meeting is to discuss the possibility of extending the deadline for COUP theme submissions, so there is not only one option for this Halloween’s COUP.

New Recording Studio/Band Room Technical Assistant (TA) and thesis student Kamron Scruggs catalogued and made an itemized list of instruments and equipment in the Band Room. Scruggs also set up office hours and a Band Room practice schedule. There is now also an “ever-so-helpful” Recording Studio Session Google Form. “I held the first session this year to get first-year Shelley Pritchard’s independent film voice overs recorded, which came out crisp, clear and very listenable,” Scruggs said.

Council of Academic Affairs (CAA) Humanities Representative and thesis student Erika Folk made a proposal at last Friday’s CAA meeting to CAA Vice President Kira Rib for the Administrative Academic Committee (AAC) to explore the possibility of adding more information to the course descriptions that professors create. The elements would be required and include prerequisites, cap of enrollment, whether the class is geared to particular years, the level of the course, and how often the course is offered. “Some professors do provide this information already, but I feel that making it a standard part of the descriptions will very much facilitate student understanding of what courses they should take each semester,” Folk said. “I’m not sure how the AAC will take it, but I hope that it can eventually be brought through the faculty divisions and the overall faculty meeting to the point where the administration can make the change to the system by this upcoming spring semester.”

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