Self-care tips for midterms and thesis crunch time

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Midterms 1
Always remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (or the overpass).


Designate time to do your work and give yourself free time. It is helpful to plan chunks of two or three hours  to truly focus on a particular project  and work on it without letting your  mind wander. An hour and a half of  relaxation time before falling asleep is  also a crucial way to decompress. Get  8-10 hours of sleep. Do not let schoolwork  rule your life. If you are feeling  too stressed out by something give it  a break and then come back to it. No  class is worth your tears.


It is tempting to eat unhealthily  when you are stressed out, but eating  fresh fruits, veggies and plenty of  protein will keep your body in tiptop  shape and help you stay focused. Trail  mix, apples and almond butter, yogurt  and carrots and hummus are good  snacks to have on hand. Stay hydrated – if you are drinking caffeinated beverages drink extra aqua.


Do not stop exercising. Use your  exercise time as a break from schoolwork and as a way to release stress. Outdoor yoga sessions, bike rides and runs will cause your skin to absorb vitamin D – proven to increase happiness.

Hang out with them, do work  with them and get coffee with them – do not isolate yourself. Stay away  from social media – it is a distraction  from schoolwork. Midterms and finals  status updates are passé anyway.


Reward yourself for reaching  your midterm or thesis goals each day.  This reward could be a walk to the bay,  watching your favorite TV show, a donut  delight, a trip to the beach or doing  your favorite silly walk across campus.


Let your heavy workload be a  golden opportunity to explore new  music.


Be sensitive to your emotional  needs and do not ignore them. Never  ignore them. Always nourish your

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