SAuCE holds a student talent show
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SAuCE holds a student talent show

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New College has talent—or so the Student Activities and Campus Engagement (SA[u]CE) office claims. On Mar. 30, SA[u]CE will hold the latest production of NCF’s Got Talent, an exhibition of the myriad flairs and fortes of the student body. The overall event is operating under the theme of ‘Spring Fling,’ which will be reflected in the decor and the refreshments provided.

The show, taking place across two talent-packed hours, will feature 11 student acts. These acts span the gamut of styles and genres; everything from dancing, singing and comedy performances are included. However, there are also more unconventional acts participating in the presentation, which not even the event’s organizers will have seen until rehearsal. The show will be led by student emcee and third-year Maya Holtezza, a first-time talent show worker.

Students are encouraged to attend the event, whether to support friends who are following their passions or to discover the talents of their peers. The acts will not just be performed for the audience’s pleasure—a few members of the college faculty will be acting as judges for the performances.

NCF’s Got Talent will be held on Saturday, Mar. 30, at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Harry Sudakoff Conference Center.

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