SA[u]CE explains NovoConnect
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SA[u]CE explains NovoConnect

SA[u]CE, located in HCL 4, is an on-campus resource responsible for helping students find volunteer opportunities, administering the food pantry, planning campus events, working with clubs (which includes campus reservations) and updating NovoConnect.

NovoConnect is an engagement system that our campus can pull together a lot of things that floated around in emails and web pages and provide a central hub where it can all be found,” Tara Centeno, director of student activities and campus engagement, said in an email interview. She emphasized that NovoConnect is “one of the really cool things for student groups [because] everything can be stored here, and if someone loses access to the drive, all is not lost forever. In the past couple of years I’ve seen clubs get stuck because a Google drive didn’t get access before someone left and then they had to start from scratch. With NovoConnect, there’s no starting from scratch again.”

An additional point that Centeno made is that “NovoConnect can also hold co-curricular information (conferences you’ve gone to, major events, jobs you’ve had, etc.). That way when folks are preparing for their [baccalaureate examinations] and have to fill out their Baccalaureate Student Audit form online, they can just copy and paste their info over from NovoConnect instead of trying to remember what they did during their NCF years all at once.”

For questions about NovoConnect, visit the SA[u]CE office. NovoConnect can be accessed through the myNCF portal.

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