Sarasota Medieval Fair

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Photo courtesy of Sara Mineo


Dust swirled around the two crowned men standing in the center of the battlefield, their swords raised. It is the year 1314, and the King of the Scots Robert the Bruce, has led his army in the first battle of Scottish independence, known as the Battle of Bannockburn. The man standing opposite is Edward II, King of England backed by his English cavalry. What they don’t know is that the Scots are going to win this battle. They are going to overrun the English while Edward flees with one of his guards. Luckily for the English, the battlefield is just a chessboard, the year is actually 2015, and this is just a 30 minute reenactment of the two day bloodshed and carnage.

This past weekend closed the 12th annual Sarasota Medieval Fair, an annual event that converts the Ringling Woods into a medieval times market equipt with food stands, jousting tournaments, games, performances and merchants of every kind. This year, the organizers were prepared for record breaking attendance. “After producing twelve major medieval festivals, we have learned that advance planning in different stages allows us to keep our target opening date ready,” executive producer Jeremy Croteau said in a press release. “This truly is a labor of love.”

Crowd favorites such as the musical act Cast in Bronze and comedy act the Washing Well Wenches returned this year along with a new jousting troupe The Knights of Valour. Patrons and employees alike participated in the festivities by dressing up in medieval period garb.

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