Sarasota celebrates centennial with geocaching
Sarasota County Quest sign-up QR code near a geocache site.

Sarasota celebrates centennial with geocaching

In celebration of the centennial anniversary on July 1, 2021, Sarasota County has installed geocaches in historical sites all across the county for participants to find, sign the logbook, take a postcard and maybe learn something about the newly 100 year old area. 

After downloading the “Geocaching” app, participants should take a look through this Sarasota county website for a comprehensive list of all sites that will redirect the user to the app, equipped with GPS and a compass to assist in the search. 

Other perks on the app include hints provided by Sarasota County and comments left by previous geocachers. Additionally, stats pertaining to the difficulty of the search, type of terrain and size of the geocache itself can be found on the app. Locations vary from Lido Beach to Venice, making for a fun day trip throughout Sarasota.

Sarasota County Quest encourages participants to search for all 21 geocaches, to collect the postcards from each location and to post them online with #SRQCountyQuest. Looking through the hashtag on multiple social media platforms, there are families, partners and individuals all becoming involved in the quest for historical postcards and small gifts. The idea of this scavenger hunt is to foster a sense of a closer knit community amongst the larger general population of Sarasota as well as teaching multiple generations the history of the land they live on.

Contents of a Sarasota County geocache: postcards, stickers and a small logbook to leave your name and the date. Photo courtesy of Sarasota County.

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