Ringling Underground: a new way to experience art

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photo courtesy of David Berry

A poster for the latest Ringling Underground event on March 1.

The Ringling Museum of Art will be hosting a new way to experience art in a party-like atmosphere, geared towards college students. Ringling Underground: An Art After 5 Experience is to be held on the first Thursday of every month of the school year. The first event was held on Feb. 2, and was free to all students with a college ID. Live music was featured from local bands Physical Plant and Sons of Hippies and St. Petersburg- based band Red Feather. In addition, new art exhibits were opened for the night.

Each event is centered on a particular genre of music and different bands are chosen for each month. February’s genre was Indie music, March’s theme will be Hip-Hop and April’s theme will be Electro. The themes for the remaining months have yet to be determined. Representing a spectrum of all of the musical genres will allow the event to appeal to a wider audience and produce a different sort of atmosphere for each event.

Each event has affordable food and drink available and efforts to offer free samples from the Museum Café are underway. If the event becomes a success, Ringling may be able to expand the event and book bands from around the country, rather than just local bands.

The next event will be held on Mar. 1 from 7 to 10 p.m. and will take place in the Museum of Art Courtyard.

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