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Ringling Museum of Art reinstalls three galleries


photo courtesy of the Ringling
Curator of Collections Sarah Cartwright presiding over the reinstallation of gallery 16.

The second phase of the Ringling Museum of Art’s gallery reinstallation was completed in early November with the re-opening of the five galleries closed this summer for renovation. Three of the five galleries—galleries 16, 17 and 18—were completely reinstalled, with new lighting, paint and, in some cases, works of art.

Gallery 16 highlights the Ringling’s collection of 18th and early 19th century British art—including Moonlight Landscape, a work by Joseph Wright of Derby that has not been on display in over a decade. Gallery 17 features neoclassical and classical works, with 18th century neoclassical paintings and sculpture juxtaposed with Greek amphorae and pottery. Gallery 18 showcases 18th century Italian and French works alongside pieces of contemporaneous furniture from Venice and Sicily.

All three galleries integrate the decorative arts into the gallery setting, drawing visitors’ attention to the broader cultural and artistic currents of each time period. The renovations are intended to give each gallery a distinctive look by accentuating the color and thematic differences in the works, as well as reduce viewer fatigue through contrasting paint colors and softer lighting.


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