Reminiscing on a short fall break–gone too soon–with some quick haikus

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A shorter semester was implemented to reduce the risk of students travelling and contacting COVID-19 off-campus only to bring it back on-campus.

Fall break has come and gone: students and professors had Monday, Oct. 16, to relax after reaching the halfway mark of this semester. The Catalyst wanted to mark the occasion with a Haiku contest. From doing homework to grading papers, we received submissions from students and professors. The combined consensus showed a fall break full of work and drinks. Here are the Fall Break Haiku Contest’s winners, runner-ups and honorable mentions.


First place 

I'd plan to vibe but
My professor has the nerve
To assign me work

— Grace Miller 


Thesis methods due
Soon, but instead I shall write
Another haiku

— Tom Smith 

Honorable Mentions 

In my mind I see
falling leaves, orange and red;
only green outside.

— Ash Sciame 
This is not a break.
It is just a long weekend.
Don't call it a break.

— Madeleine Kienzle 
such a pretty day
what if we go to the bay 
and watch the fish jump!

— Meilah Wimbush 
I smell cinnamon 
Grad apps occupy my time
I drink Chenin Blanc 

— Courtney Miller 
Head full, many thoughts.
Vietnamese takeout will
fill my stomach too.

Catalyst Social Media Editor Sophia Brown

Faculty & Staff

First Place 

In the Nunnery of the Dorms: 

No Corona beer–
just this thirst for company.
A damn strange Fall Break.

— A. McA. ("Mac") Miller, Professor Emeritus


My whole vacation
Was spent on my fingers in

— ℝa Cohen

Honorable Mentions 

Purple muhly wisps
shadow sandspur projections.
Fall pleases and punctures.

— Maribeth Clark 

Peruse scraps today; 
notes become outlines for more: 
momentum regained.

— Maribeth Clark

Break? None here, only
Paperwork, emails, class prep
A regular day

— Diego Villada 

It's 90 degrees.
Still, I pitch my tent, grateful
for portable fans.

— Jennifer Wells 

Not watching the news 
going for a hike instead
need to free my head

— Paula Melo 

grading papers masked 
continuous task checked off 
martini reward

— Kristopher Fennie 

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