Prosecutor claims Islamic extremists planned failed attack on Vatican


Italian prosecutor Mauro Mura believes the Islamic extremists who are suspected in a bomb attack in a Pakistani market also planned an attack against the Vatican in 2010 that was never carried out. Mura reported in a press conference in Cagliari, Sardinia, on April 24 that wiretaps were found indicating a suicide bomber had arrived in Rome meant for the Vatican and that they gave “signals of some preparation for a possible attack.”

The Italian news agency ANSA claims there were originally two bombers but they were warned and fled from possible police investigation. Mura said the plans remained just that, and the suicide bomber reportedly left Italy. Italian police report they are arresting 18 suspected extremists, including two men said to have been bodyguards for Osama bin Laden. These results are that of a decade-long investigation into an Italy-based terror network aiming to end Pakistan’s actions against the Taliban. The police stated that the group was “an organization dedicated to transnational criminal activities, inspired by Al Qaeda and other radical groups that have called for armed struggle against the West.”

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