Proposed Regulation Amendments for Oct. 20
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Proposed Regulation Amendments for Oct. 20

On Saturday, Oct. 20, the Board of Trustees (BOT) is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. in Harry Sudakoff Conference Center. During this meeting, the board will consider adopting three proposed amendments to the following regulations: 2-1004, 2-1006 and 3-1010.

The proposed amendments are, for the most part, small clarifications meant to put the college in compliance with the Board of Governors’ recent changes—although the update to Regulation 2-1006 consolidates both the Student Affairs and Athletics Committee (SAAC) and the External Affairs Committee.

The SAAC currently has oversight of all athletic matters and non-academic student affairs: residential and social life, student government and organizations, conduct cases, extracurricular activities, food and health services, student-run publications and so on.

The External Affairs Committee oversees public communications for the college, coordinating with the New College Foundation about the college’s development plans, alumni affairs and activities concerned with private donations and alumni contributions.

If the amendment is successfully passed during the BOT meeting, a single entity will then handle the full extent of these responsibilities rebranded as The External Affairs / Student Affairs Committee. In the official statement and summary for the amendment, the proposed consolidation of authority is described as an effort to “streamline our committee structure and bring our standing committees in line with the current administration of responsibility among the College leadership.”

The e-mail sent out to students and faculty concerning the potential amendments mentions only those proposed for Regulation 2-1004 and Regulation 3-1010, both of which concern small details to put the college in compliance with statewide standards. Although it would appear more significant in scope than the other changes to be discussed, the proposed consolidation within Regulation 2-1006 was not acknowledged.

Comments on the any of the amendments can be submitted up until Oct. 6 to David Fugett at , and will be presented to the BOT. Comments can be made in person, as well, during the meeting scheduled for Oct. 20.

Any proposed regulations can be viewed on the New College website, at

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