Princeton Review: NCF one of the 373 best colleges

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On Aug. 26, the Princeton Review featured New College of Florida in “The Best 373 Colleges: 2011 Edition” for the ninth consecutive time, according to the Office of Public Affairs. NCF received rankings in 13 categories.

The college was ranked ninth for “Professors Get High Marks,” seventh for “Great Financial Aid,” and fifth for both “Most Politically Active Students” and “Most Liberal Students.” NCF’s ranking in the “Gay Community Accepted” category fell from third last year to 12th this year.  The college held fast to its second place ranking for “Dodgeball Targets,” a consequence of its lack of intramural and divisional sports teams. NCF also came in fourth place for “Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians,” tenth place for “Is it Food?,” and 11th place for “Reefer Madness” — all nods to the college’s quirky student body and the quality of Hamilton Center food.

In “The Best 373 Colleges,” the Princeton Review describes NCF as a “uniquely small and unconventional institution that leaves undergrads ‘free to do what they please’— with their bodies, their studies, their behavior — but while also being held to high academic standards.” The book depicts Novocollegians as “friendly, passionate about the things that they believe in” and middle-class and liberal.

The 2011 edition marks the nineteenth edition of “The Best 373 Colleges” book.

Though New College has received many distinguished rankings and reviews, Associate Director of Public Affairs, Linda F. Joffe says, “The rankings are valuable in some respects, but I don’t think we should hang our hat on these rankings — I think the most important thing is that we continue to do the things that we do well, which is everything that New College is know for — the small school, the collaborations between faculty and students, independent learning environment and emphasis on community service.”

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