President Trump declares National Emergency for border wall
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President Trump declares National Emergency for border wall

On Feb. 15, President Trump declared a National Emergency for funding over a wall at the Mexico border, according to The New York Times. The executive order allows unilateral action by circumventing Congress, after legislators decided to grant $1.375 billion for a security fence—short changing the executive’s plans. About 226 House Representatives have already backed a resolution to block President Trump’s executive order for border wall funding sponsored by Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro. The executive order has also been sued in the courts.

Two days after President Trump’s declaration, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Gov. Gavin Newsom stated they were planning an “imminent” legal action against the executive order.

“New Mexico, Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, Hawaii and Connecticut are among several states that are joining the lawsuit,” Becerra’s office told CBS News.

President Trump told members of the press he felt confident he will win in the Supreme Court at a press conference held after the declaration. Democratic opposition has remained hopeful of their ability to thwart emergency funding for the President’s wall.

“Fortunately, Donald Trump is not the last word,” Newsom told the Times. “The courts will be the last word.”

According to White House officials, President Trump will be able to source funds from a variety of pools to fund the border wall including $600 million from the Treasury Department asset forfeiture fund, $2.5 billion from counternarcotics programs and $3.6 billion from military construction budgets—totalling about $8 billion, far more than the $5.7 billion the President unsuccessfully negotiated from Congress.

On Feb. 21 it was announced by Castro’s aides that House Democrats were backing a resolution to end President Trump’s executive order, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House “will move swiftly to pass this bill,” according to Reuters.

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