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While the thought of the student body knowing one’s intimate secrets may be intimidating to some, for others, it has become what has turned out to be a widespread event. Post-Secret, a Resident Advisor (RA) event, began soliciting for anonymous submissions to be placed in designated boxes in the Silo, Dort and Goldstein laundry rooms, the old mail room and letter dorms a week ago and will continue to accept secrets until Mar. 18. True to the popular website, which allows people from all over the globe to anonymously post their secrets to the site, submissions can be colorfully decorated or even totally barren as long as they reveal something none or few know about. The secrets will then be photocopied and displayed all over campus. So far there have been roughly 20 submissions, and they continue to be collected daily. The event has been coordinated by second-year RA Mistral-Celeste “Misty” Khan-Becerra and third-year RA Erin Lapeyrolerie, who have been keeping this idea in mind since last semester.

“Last semester I wanted to do it, but time ran short so I started it early this semester,” Khan-Becerra said. “I was really interested, [but I knew it would] really [be] a big undertaking, so I reached out to the other RAs and was like, ‘Anyone want to help me, please help me with this because it’s so difficult and I have so much stuff to do,’ and Erin actually e-mailed me before I even did that and was like, ‘Hey, are you still doing Post-Secret?’”

While Khan-Becerra and Lapeyrolerie have stated that they do not want to “filter” the content of the post-secrets, they will refrain from displaying anything derogatory and anything that can prove hurtful if viewed by the student body. The pair hope that if they gather enough submissions, they can put them together in a book and have it placed in the library, where future RAs will be able to carry on the event and add to it as the years go by. The secrets can be anything at all, ranging from the super-serious to the light-hearted and humorous.

“You can put whatever you want in there, really,” Khan-Bercerra said. “I mean, if you say if you killed someone once, that’s kind of heavy,”

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