Possible changes to the CSA

Proposals have been made to make changes to the Council of Student Affairs (CSA). The changes would include making the CSA smaller as well as more like a senate and integrating it into the legislative branch.

Thesis student and New College Student Association (NCSA) secretary Blair Sapp said that the CSA would function similarly to the way it does now, but would be smaller and more effective. Blair said that he and NCSA Vice President Zack Poe have been considering reducing the amount of CSA members; this would be done by cutting down the number of people assigned to a position.

“It needs to be scaled back,” Sapp said.

“In its existing form the CSA is a part of the executive branch and serves to offer student body opinions to the executive branch,” Poe said in an email. “The CSA would be repurposed to serve as a senate-like body to the Towne meeting, which already serves as a house of representatives like legislative body.”

Since the amount of members in the CSA is written in the NCSA constitution, enacting these proposals would mean making a constitutional amendment; the changes would be legitimized by a vote.

Sapp said the NCSA hopes to have the changes on the next ballot for the fall elections.

Some larger, long-term changes that will be proposed are about giving more control to the legislative branch in regards to money. As of now, the presidents get to write the budget. Sapp said that the NCSA, including the presidents, is in agreement about shifting or sharing that power with the legislative branch.

“I am open to suggestions and opinions from all students,” Poe said.

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