POETRY SUBMISSIONS: Spenserian Sonnets by Fusha Del Mar

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Poems by Fusha Del Mar


Spenserian Sonnet #1

Give me the roll of fusha duct tape, right here, son.


I’ll wrap you up there, in a dentist chair.


I’d spare the gun, ‘cause I’d rather choke your air.


They say (I’m) starting to become undone.


Just need the sea, just need a telescope to be.


I’m not evil, just a locust falling from some lair.


That is the way us monsters fight, like brown bears.


Not ‘shamed that this is how I became.

Your favorite name to call me out is Cunt.


My favorite thing to call you is a drunk.


This is why I started rolling up blunts.


I’ve learned how to play, prey, run, and hunt


Personally I wish we were all (just) plain monks


My loves, this game is all a final stunt


Spenserian Sonnet #2


Pull up to rehab facility stumbling


A blood alcohol level that could kill


Family and friends should have seen her mumbling


All we could hear was the <ringing> of a drill

In the head, she couldn’t imagine a future


Glad to have the whole house alone that Summer


Silence began to heal wounds with sutures


Group therapy told me I was a big drummer

To wish that someone was never born to you


Is a cosmic crime, that I must forgive


That was a very specific type of blueish zoo


How does one start to filter and out sieve?

There’s no easy path—love—of summarizing

A mother’s sting is the most terrorizing

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