POETRY SUBMISSION: Spenserian Sonnet #3 by Fusha Del Mar

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Spenserian Sonnet #3 by Fusha Del Mar


The Serenity AA Prayer echoes in my dreams


Folded chairs, Coffee Cake, Big Book, & Diet Cokes


Find out whose sober chips are the most supreme


I call shenanigans on this here__hoax__



Our health system is as fragile as baby yolks


A prostitute shoved her tongue down my throat


I sat in red ants and scaled the brooks, folks


I’m not supposed to write these quotes



My imagination did not give me any vote


Sorry that I still need to talk about it


The same shit exists everywhere around the globe


We must all try to energize through our dark wit



I am proud of my beautiful (bad-ass) self


I refuse to remain dusty on a shelf


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