Poems and Photos from Valentine’s Day 2021

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In celebration of romance during times of COVID, the Catalyst opened submissions from current students for poems and images of love.

He is my favorite poem  
Though he remains unwritten 
Too personal for paper 
Too intimate for ink

Third-years 23 & Tony
Is it crazy? 
I miss you 
I saw you only a moment ago
but still I miss 
your face 
your chest 
your passion 
your love 
your energy 
your sweetness 
it all seeps into me 
and now I feel its weight 
its absence 
it doesn't make me sad, no 
I am filled with happiness, 
gratitude that I get to experience it all 

Alexandra Mars
Siren Sisters”

The wind is blowing stronger, 
the sun has paid its dues. 
My stars will show where I must go, 
for I shall not refuse. 

The moon I see shines on me, 
for now the time is right 
For me to see who I must be 
beneath it’s glowing light.

Elements of fire, 
water, air, and earth; 
Holy spirits gather ‘round me 
foretelling my rebirth.
I feel and see differently; 
my soul has been set free,
And I now can be, officially, 
one with the raging sea”

Poem can be sung to the tune of Jolly Sailor Bold, from Pirates of the Caribbean, Stranger Tides

— Antonia Tahia

Me and other things that dissolve at your touchby Oci Krasny

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