Pei court deals with vandalism

Photo credit: Kaylie Stokes
Vandalism in the Second Court lounge bathroom was found within the first three weeks of this school year.

Pei community areas have recently been facing issues with vandalism. Although vandalism has always been accounted for with a small fee that is charged to the student body as a whole, this fee has been increased from a couple cents to $3.

If those responsible for the damage come forward or are otherwise identified, the culprits will be charged individually. If the vandalism is found to be a serious issue, those found responsible are referred to a judicial board. Housing and the student government are working to establish a process and policy to address the vandalism.

“Most of our vandalism has been restricted to the PEI II community areas,” Mark Stier, associate dean of student life, said in an email. “Typically when vandalism occurs housing will send out an announcement to the impacted community. If the person(s) responsible come forward we then ask them to make restitution. If this does not occur then we would normally charge the entire community a set fee.”

Whatever surplus remains from the fee will be put in a fund to keep the standard fee for vandalism at $3. The fund can also be used in cases where the amount of money needed to cover the cost of vandalism can be taken out of the fund without the student body being charged at all.

“Recently there has been a lot of graphic graffiti in second court lounge,” second-year and residence life representative Donnella Aldrich said.

Reports of shattered glass in Pei have also increased. “In third court, there have also been instances of the kitchen area being wrecked,” Aldrich said.

Although, all unsanctioned writing on buildings as well as other modifications that are not pre-approved are not permitted. Some acts of vandalism are viewed differently than others
. “There was some writing in second court that was actually an inspirational quote,” RA and second-year Maria Simmerling said.

Simmerling was of the opinion that vandalism has actually decreased in the years that she has attended New College.
 “It is hard to know who is responsible for the vandalism,” Aldrich said.

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