Parking Services goes digital

Parking Services goes digital

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The first few days of a new semester are familiar to many students: go to mini-classes, meet with academic advisors, begrudgingly determine how large of a loan to take out, buy books and obtain a parking pass. This semester, students have yet to be able to register for parking passes, as parking services finalizes changes to enhance its procedures.

“The permits are delayed because of new software,” Parking Services Accounting Coordinator Julie Lalande said.

The new software will allow parking staff to take handheld machines with them as they monitor the lots. The staff member will be able to enter license plate numbers into the devices and see a database that includes whether the permit matches the plate, if the permit is up to date, if the car has received numerous tickets, if the car has already received a warning on the same day and other important information.

Students must now register to receive parking permits online by filling out a form that includes the make and model of the car, license plate information and registration details.

“Once you pay for it online, the request will come into the office,” Lalande said.

“We will review all of the requests. If we don’t approve them, the permit will be delayed while we try to get whatever is missing. About 30% of all requests come in with an expired state vehicle registration. Make sure to check that first.”

After the registration request is approved, students must visit the Parking Services window in Palmer D to pick up their plastic permit. Lalande anticipates that registration will open for students around Monday, Sept. 16.

“The grace period, as far as allowing time for students to get their permit, is probably going to be a week,” Lalande said.

“Not as stretched out as it has been because we’ve been delayed so much.”

To avoid receiving citations, Lalande advises students to register for their permit when the form is released, to be mindful of signs and to avoid grass parking that does not have a bumper to pull up to.

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