Palm Court Party takes over New College

PCP by Sydney Kruljac

A live performance takes place in the Old Mailroom.

February 25, 2015 / Volume XXXVII / Issue 2

At 6 o’clock on Saturday, there was a calm before a storm. An onlooker might not have known students were resting as they prepared for a long night of Choose Your Own Adventure Palm Court Party (PCP).  The event featured a combination of three other PCP theme candidates: Sailor Moon, Tron and Garden of Earthly Delights. Throughout the night, familiar and foreign faces were seen in Palm Court, the Old Mail Room, the Nook and the Black Box Theater (BBT) as they flooded New College of Florida’s campus seeking adventure and excitement.

“I appreciated how all the separate themes were able to come together in one cohesive party,” thesis student Aric Smith said. “Personally, I enjoyed hanging out and dancing to my friends’ sets in the Nook and the BBT.”

From pictures posted on social media outlets to the grinning faces of every individual during PCP, it is clear that Choose Your Own Adventure turned out to be a successful night of friends, music and dancing that will be hard to forget.

“Hopefully whoever ends up hosting the next PCP will be able to do as good of a job as the host of Choose Your Own Adventure,” Smith concluded, in accordance with the expectations of the student body.

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