Out with Moodle and in with Canvas

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The online gradebook system Moodle — an open source system developed by people in their free time by people who want to contribute to a community — is going to be replaced this year with Canvas, a state-run entity owned by Instructure a technology company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

While, knowing Moodle being open source helps it fit into the New College’s anti-establishment, anti-cooperation vibe, there is not much anyone can do to get rid of Canvas.  It has broken the barrier and is here to stay.  As of July of this year Canvas is officially effect here at New College. 

Due to restrictions in the fiscal year for education causing its late implementation some professors prefer to stick to Moodle.  At least this year.

“It is especially important with introductory classes to establish confidence early for students using class website material, in my opinion.”  Professor Sandra Gilchrist said in an email interview. Gilchrist went on to explain that she was still working out kinks in the system and would prefer to build confidence in Canvas before making a full transition. 

Jennifer Wells, the writing director at New College prefers Canvas. Because, not only does it look better, in her opinion, but it makes her job easier, and could be beneficial to students in the future. 

“The things that Canvas does, like E-Papers, and allowing faculty to comment on papers within Canvas, and the synched up grade book, and make teaching writing easier because it’s very labor intensive… The e-portfolio is great for students; it allows students to really tell the story of their experience at New College…The potential for what you can do with Canvas is bigger then what you can do with Moodle.” Wells said.

“I definitely prefer canvas! Although I do think NCF’s Canvas is a lot more complicated than the one I used in high school.” In an email interview second year Brianna Luis agreed with Wells. 

Luis used Canvas in high school and has experience with the program. This experience allows her to jump right in. Unlike other New College students and professors. Others, however, will have to adopt the new system. And, knowingly or not, lose a piece of their unique experience to the growingly cooperate run education system. 

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