Next year, CWC may have only female counselors

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Dr. Nathan White pictured above.

In the field of psychology, women earning doctoral degrees outnumber men three to one. Next year, the New College Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) will feel the impact of this statistic as they lose their only male counselor.

Dr. Nathan White served the CWC for two years as he completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship. In those two years, he was the only male counselor on staff. After this semester he will be leaving to start his own private practice in Sarasota.

When the CWC performed a search for a replacement for Dr. White, no male candidates applied to the posting. The new Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Nancy Zlatkin, will be starting in the fall term 2013.

Students have expressed concern that the lack of a male counselor may make “For some individuals the only counselors that they feel comfortable with are male counselors,” Elizabeth Sockol, second-year student, said. “That means we’re going to be leaving a percentage of the student body unattended to.”

Anne Fisher, program director at the CWC, understood students’ concerns, but expressed that, “… it may be possible that we are not able to get a male [for next year].”

“Of the utmost importance is the person’s ability as a counselor,” Fisher said. “Of course, if it is possible to hire someone who brings a different perspective to the Center (and gender, ethnicity, race, etc. may be part of this), I am happy to do so.”

Due to the lack of male applicants for the Post-Doctoral position, hiring a male candidate was simply not an option. Though in the fall, it is possible that a male practicum student may be placed at the CWC.

“Pre-doctoral practicum students do not get placed until the summer… so we are hoping for a male counselor from that process!” Fisher said.

Despite student concern, Fisher pointed out that, “the vast majority of data shows that gender of therapist does not affect psychotherapy outcome.”

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