NewStock: Day of peace, music and student art

NewStock: Day of peace, music and student art

New College students enjoy NewStock with friends, hammocks and hula hoops.

NewStock, New College’s annual music festival, took place this past Saturday, Mar. 2, in the Nook. Throughout the day, students spread out on blankets and danced to a variety of student and non-student bands. This year’s NewStock also included the new addition of student vendors selling things like original art, jewelry and clothing. The event’s music, student merchandise and food effectively provided students an opportunity to relax and enjoy.

“This event has made me feel so relaxed and in touch with the community,” thesis student Cannzana StockWil said. “[NewStock has] reminded me how many friends I have here. Just seeing everyone perform and running into my friends, and seeing people selling cool things; there’s also food here—it’s amazing.”

Bands were lined up throughout the day and the student vendors were active for a few hours. Along with a collection of yard games and food, the event aimed to entertain and connect students. Accordingly, NewStock’s setup required a lot of work. This year’s NewStock Resident Advisor (RA) organizers started coordinating the event in November, and include third-years Bri Hyvarinen and Jesus Olive and thesis students Alex Barbat and Hope Sparks. First-year and Student Activities and Campus Engagement (SAuCE) set assistant Daria Paulis also helped organize the event.

“New College doesn’t have a lot of campus-wide events—there’s [Palm Court Party] PCP, but there’s a lot of added pressure of that to people,” Hyvarinen said. “NewStock is able to take that pressure off, and people can enjoy themselves. It’s another opportunity for the campus to come together, and it’s for all people with different levels of extraversion and interests. I hope [NewStock] contributes to community building on campus, and that people feel more connected and less isolated and separated; having more of a campus culture, and having that solidarity in being at New College. I also hope people have more of an appreciation of performers at New College and [are] able to better appreciate and support local artists.”

Along with intentions to strengthen community ties, NewStock also aims to benefit students’ musical interests and expression.

Thesis student Jordi Gonzalez performs original songs for the intimate atmosphere of NewStock.

“NewStock offers a lot of culture, in terms of being introduced to new artists and new musicians,” Barbat said. “It also offers the opportunity for student musicians to come and perform, like NewCatz, Acapellago, Jordi, Myles Optimystic—there’s a lot to be gained, for both performers and for students.”

Performers at NewStock played on a wooden stage tucked in front of the banyan tree and helped to provide the laid-back and welcoming tone for the event.

“I’m glad [NewStock is] happening, and it’s good practice to play in public,” thesis student Jordi Gonzalez said before his performance. “It’s definitely nerve-wracking nonetheless, but it’s good to throw yourself into those experiences to grow in the future. Also, NewStock is a beautiful example of community gathering and community work and a way to learn how to share with each other.”

Accompanying the traditional musical performances, students sold their crafts and goods, including original paintings, cookies, crystals, hand-woven clothes and more.

Students enjoying NewStock’s music and student art.

“Jackie [Lebouitz] put on the craft fair at the end of [fall 2018],” Sparks said. “We all thought that was a cool opportunity we should get in on because we have cool students and they make cool stuff.”

Like the music played by students, the spreads of student work carried its own message for NewStock.

“I’m here the whole day [vending] and I’m performing at the end; it’s a good opportunity and I’m very thankful,” thesis student Myles “Optymistic” Rodriguez said behind their booth’s arrangement of crystal stones, jewelry, incense and more.

“It feels very cool to vend,” Rodriguez said. “Having the stands here and having student art adds to NewStock and it shows different types of creative talents in addition to just music. I hope the community can take away inspiration knowing they can also express their creative talents if they haven’t felt like they wanted to yet, and knowing that for future events they can perform or sell, or just be inspired to keep creating for themselves. [My favorite part about NewStock is] having a nice little break that is all the stress from New College, [while putting a] spotlight on creativity and giving people a break to be themselves.”

Students gather on the grassy area near NewStock’s stage to enjoy the performances, crafts and yard games.

Some 10 stands at NewStock displayed crafts and goods for sale, and the students that weren’t able to act as vendors this year may have their chance in the future.

“Starting off with the vending was a learning process, and we’ve kept it kind of small,” Paulis said. “But I can see it growing next year. Having the vendors being able to showcase their art and work is planting a seed for the coming years [of being] able to expose New College students to even more culture and art.”

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