Newstock 2024: A Showcase of New College Culture
A Newstock poster taken from an email sent out promoting the event.

Newstock 2024: A Showcase of New College Culture

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Good music, food and art. What more could one want? Newstock, the annual outside extravaganza hosted by the Student Activities and Campus Engagement (SAuCE) office, was another vibrant celebration of music, student art vendors and food trucks. Second-year Alejandra Martinez, the Traditions Event Coordinator for SAuCE and lead planner of Newstock, shared insights into the preparations and aspirations for the 2024 edition of the classic celebration.

A photo of Newstock Vendors by Naomi Nerlien.

Martinez exuded enthusiasm as she delved into the intricacies of organizing this beloved campus event. “My goal is for people to come out and just enjoy themselves,” she told the Catalyst over email. “For people to love what the vendors have to offer, enjoy the food, especially to like the bands that’ll be playing.”

Collaboration was key in bringing Martinez’s vision to life. “So SAuCE has two Traditions Event Coordinator positions, and luckily I have the opportunity to do Newstock,” Martinez stated, acknowledging the invaluable support she received. “Gaby [Ott] has helped me every step of the way, giving me guidelines to let my creativity flow, and Hannah [Barker], who helped bring it to life with the posters and Instagram posts.”

The lineup for Newstock 2024 was nothing short of electrifying and when it came to the day of students could not get enough. Martinez revealed, “The bands that will be performing that are newer [are] Neverless and Pilot Jonezz. The classic bands are Physical Plant and The Coconut Crabs.” In addition to the musical performances, attendees indulged in a culinary journey with catering from Mirna’s, featuring Cuban delicacies like congri, plátanos maduros and guava pastries. Miss Empanadas y Mas tantalized taste buds with Venezuelan empanadas, including vegetarian options. The culinary delights are complemented by a screenprinting activity organized by third-year and Art Club President Hannah Barker where participants unleashed their creativity on colorful bandanas.

However, organizing an event of this scale wasn’t without its challenges. Martinez candidly discussed the setbacks encountered along the way. “The setbacks come in order of difficulty,” she reflected. “Bands were something I had to start early on, and even then many other bands were booked, so we weren’t confirmed on who was going to play until a little over a week ago.”

Despite the obstacles, Martinez remains grateful for the support received. “The club that had reached back to me and wanted to participate in Newstock was Art Club,” she explained. “They are heading the bandana arts and crafts.” Martinez also acknowledges the guidance provided by Emma Halbisen, who transferred out of New College in 2023 but left behind valuable resources that aided in the planning process.

“This year’s Newstock differs from past editions in its renewed focus on the bands,” Martinez noted. “And of course, the [student] vendors and some crafts on the side because that is a staple in the NCF community.”

At Newstock 2024 excitement permeated the air, as the event was an unforgettable experience for attendees. With a blend of music, art and culinary delights, Newstock embodies the spirit of creativity and community that defines New College of Florida.

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