New year, new NCSA

New year, new NCSA

meet your ncsa!

A new year welcomes a new class president and cabinet to represent the interests of students. On Apr. 14, Leo Jobsis, the supervisor of elections, announced the results of the 2017 New College Student Alliance (NCSA) elections. Third-year Ximena Pedroza and her previous running mate Kayla Kisseadoo were elected to be class presidents.

Pedroza, the now solo class president, decided to run because of her love for the students and uniqueness of the community.

“I wanted to be student body president because I wanted more student voices to be heard, not just by our administration but by the state of Florida,” Pedroza said in an email interview. “We have an amazing body of students that are doing incredible things […] so I wanted to be of best help to get more institutional support for students.”

Once the student body president is elected, they send out applications for their cabinet. Any student interested in running for a position submits an application and goes through an interview process. Pedroza is proud and confident in her cabinet choices.

“I believe that this cabinet brings passion and love to the student body,” Pedroza said. “This years cabinet is also bringing a sense of unity–we are steering away from working individually to working together to get larger goals accomplished. All of the cabinet is extremely passionate about their positions and I have 100 percent trust in each and every one of them. There was a reason why Kayla and I picked the individuals that we did.”

Only three weeks into the semester, Pedroza and her cabinet have a list of goals they wish to accomplish. They are currently focusing on increasing dialogue, setting up the campus food pantry, improving channels of communication and working on starting English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes for community members.

To stay informed with the NCSA’s many initiatives, be sure to attend their weekly cabinet meetings on Mondays from 6-7 p.m. in ACE Lounge.

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