New Study Abroad Advisor aids students in program process

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“My main goal is to promote study abroad as one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences students should consider undertaking while completing their undergraduate studies,”  new Study Abroad Advisor Florence Zamsky said.

Zamsky was appointed to the position after the program was moved from the Center of Career Education to the Academic Resource Center at the end of the fall semester. The program is now located next to the Language Resource Center, an area where students can find information on foreign countries’ cultures, customs and languages.

Zamsky works with individual students who are interested in studying abroad to formulate a program that best fits their academic ambitions. She and the student set up meetings where they discuss what the student would like to achieve out of the program and what sort of project would be needed to accomplish this. She then researches institutions that will best fit the student’s project along with scholarship opportunities to aid them.

“I keep current on the many [study abroad] programs that are available and seem to be a good fit for New College students, and I am creating a directory of New College students who are willing to serve as ‘ambassadors,’”  Zamsky stated of her tasks outside of individual student programs.

These ambassadors will be available to answer questions from potential applicants about their projects and talk about their individual experiences abroad. Information sessions featuring these ambassadors will be held to encourage students to apply.

“I strive to help make this experience possible for anyone who is up for it,” Zamsky stated.

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