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A lot happens in the music world between the Tangent’s bi-weekly production schedule. While Caitlyn and Jasmine would love to cover it all, they can’t – so, instead, we had them choose their favorite songs released since our last issue and write up bite-sized blurbs on why they should be added to your Spotify playlists. Check out the results below.

The Summer Set – “Wasted”

A leader in the neon-power-pop-scene movement of 2010 – full of spiky hair, oversized glasses and carefree party jams – the Summer Set almost broke our high school hearts and called it quits last year. Fortunately, the band took a chance and produced Stories For Monday, their latest, and by far greatest, album to date. No more are the Summer Set our high school dreamboats – realizing those teenaged hearts that fell in love with their music years ago are now all grown up, the Summer Set display matured songwriting and musicianship on Stories For Monday. “Wasted,” the last track, emulates the album’s strongest tenets: youthful yet relatable songwriting and catchy yet unique hooks, creating a hard-hitting closer that is the icing on the overall tasty cake.––Caitlyn Ralph

This is pretty cool: the Summer Set played at the Bernie Sanders rally in Wisconsin the day before the presidential hopeful won the State last week.

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties – “‘69, Cherry Red”

Solo project of the Wonder Years frontman Dan Campbell, Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties is a character study through music. Their debut album, We Don’t Have Each Other, blurs the line between songwriting and storytelling to mold a listening experience drenched in imagery – like a movie unfolding through your ears. The first single since that album, “69 Cherry Red” opens Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties’ forthcoming EP Bittersweet and continues to highlight Campbell’s sincere vocals. A primarily acoustic style is supported and quickened by further instrumentation, forming a satisfying single that is the ideal addition to any late night study playlist.––Caitlyn Ralph

Real Friends – “Colder Quicker”

Even though it’s most certainly getting warmer quicker here in sunny Sarasota, Real Friends’ new song “Colder Quicker” is already shaping up to be one of the summer’s quintessential songs. “Colder Quicker” is more accessible than Real Friends’ previous material without losing the band’s strong emo/pop-punk presence. The catchy chorus only takes one listen to get stuck in your head but still highlights lead singer Dan Lambton’s striking vocals, and the lyrics retain a coming-of-age quality while not bogged down by teenaged sorrows. The lead single from the Real Friends’ upcoming album, “Colder Quicker” promises a refined and evolved yet distinct and unique sound from the band moving forward.––Caitlyn Ralph

Lil Yachty  – “Good Day”

This song is perfect for bursting into the spring season. It is reminiscent of Ice Cube’s “Today Was a Good Day,” but is a lot lighter and more fun. Lyrics such as “Today I don’t have haters/ Cause I could care less what they saying/ Cause I’m having a good day” are exceedingly positive. Even the most awful final semester push can be made better with this jam.––Jasmine Respess

Cardi B – “Foreva”

I follow Cardi B of Love and Hip Hop fame on instagram. She kept posting people singing the songs from her spring 2016 album. “Foreva” stuck in my head. She has a really big personality and this song embodies that. Although it may not be great to “beef foreva,” this song has entertainment value that will last.––Jasmine Respess

GoldLink – “Dance on Me”

To be honest, I am always looking for a replacement for Frank Ocean, since he has forsaken me. GoldLink is a pretty good substitute. “And After That, We Didn’t Talk” came out last year but this song and “Dark Skin Women” are the perfect mix of singing, rapping that is totally uplifting.––Jasmine Respess

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