New Snapchat filter proves that NCF is real

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Photo credit: Jacob Wentz
Photo credit: Jacob Wentz

Photo credit: Jacob Wentz

As students returned to campus, the desire to share New College experiences became evident. Using social media, students showed friends and family their appreciation of NCF; Facebook albums were created, Instagram posts bragged about the beautiful bayfront and, most importantly, Snapchat stories documented daily activities. Many students recorded NCF’s campus on their Snapchat stories and, though most of the photos were beautiful, one thing immediately stood out: there was no geotag for NCF.

However, everything changed on Monday, Aug. 29, thanks to first-year student Jacob Taylor. As students swiped through the multiple Snapchat filters, they were surprised and delighted to see that NCF finally had its own geotag.

“This is the very first filter I have seen. I was so excited I posted a selfie of it on Facebook!” exclaimed second-year student Matthew Bocanumenth. “I know several people have submitted their own designs to no avail. Now we are a real school.”

The reason for this campus-wide excitement is that New College students are proud of their school. Whether they take a photo of a stunning bayside sunset, the plant-covered overpass, or a dorm room full of friends, students want their friends to know about their new home.

“I’ve always enjoyed doing graphic design,” Jacob Taylor said. The design is simple, but necessary, and definitely took creativity and skill to make. The simplicity of the design potentially set a standard for future designs: “I like it and hope to see more designs in the future since NCF has such extensive creativity,” Bocanumenth said.

When asked about how he feels about the geotag, Taylor said: “I’m proud that it’s there, but I’m worried about what people are going to put it on.” Basically, Taylor takes credit for the artwork, but not for what students choose to do with that artwork. “Secretly, it’s not completely horizontal”: though Taylor admits that the design is not perfect, the general consensus is one of high approval and excitement.

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