New SAC leadership voted in amid budget cuts
The OMR will receive a fresh coat of blue paint as well as chairs and tables in the same style as the new Heiser Natural Sciences Complex furniture.

New SAC leadership voted in amid budget cuts

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The Student Allocations Committee (SAC) recently held elections for its two leadership positions: Secretary and Chair. Catalyst editor and second-year Izaya Garrett Miles was voted to be Secretary and thesis student Ormond Derrick was voted to be Chair.

“Having been on the SAC since my first year at New College, I really wanted to be the Chair for my thesis year,” Derrick said.

Derrick previously served as Chair of the SAC during his second year. As such, he has gained critical experience and is conscious of the inner workings of the SAC.

The amount of money the SAC is permitted to grant students through the year comes from the New College Student Alliance’s (NCSA) budget. Due to recent cuts to the NCSA budget, the SAC was granted $40,000 for the 2019-2020 academic year as opposed to $50,000 for previous years.

“I hope the SAC is fully able to deliver on our responsibilities to fund New College student initiatives in light of the recent cuts to our budget,” Derrick said.

For students interested in applying for SAC funding, Derrick recommends making the request as specific as possible, with clear justifications and proof of cost.

“Also, it’s super important that the requester has demonstrated that the request will have a student impact, whether it’s for a club, there’s a lot of general interest, or it will better the campus community,” Derrick said.

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