New record-breaking roller coaster Iron Gwazi debuts at Busch Gardens
Thrill seekers may want to consider visiting Busch Gardens this week for a chance to ride the Iron Gwazi this spring break. Photo courtesy of Imgur.

New record-breaking roller coaster Iron Gwazi debuts at Busch Gardens

On Mar. 11, the Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa opened up their newest coaster, Iron Gwazi, to the public. Boasting itself as North America’s Tallest Coaster and The World’s Fastest and Steepest Coaster, Busch Gardens further cements itself as a legend and revolutionary in the amusement park world. Iron Gwazi also has a more important part in the park’s history, as it is a spiritual successor to the much beloved dueling track Gwazi coaster, which closed in 2015 due to being notoriously difficult to maintain. 

It seems as though every new roller coaster at any theme park is a new record-breaking coaster, usually using flashy language to get the attention of families and thrill seekers planning their next vacation destination. So, what makes Iron Gwazi actually record-breaking? 

Iron Gwazi is a hybrid coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction, which combines “the innovation of a steel coaster and the nostalgia of a wooden coaster,” From Busch Gardens Website; which means that in terms of its height, speed, steepness and length it is being compared to other hybrid coasters—not other steel or wooden coasters. So while there are multiple steel coasters that surpass Iron Gwazi in speed, which tops out at 76mph, this coaster still remains the fastest within its category. 

Iron Gwazi also has an impressive highest drop of 206 ft which, in addition to being incredibly high, also lives up to its other promise, dropping riders at a 91-degree angle. 

So while you’re on Spring Break, consider visiting Busch Gardens and checking out Iron Gwazi, along with the park’s numerous other adrenaline rushing attractions!

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