New projects proposed at Green Fee allocation session

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The new water bottles are scheduled to be distributed in the coming weeks.

A variety of proposals to make the campus more eco-friendly have been presented to the Council of Green Affairs (CGA) this year, including requests of new equipment for the compost program, barrels for rain water collection, water bottles for students and a new green space for the school.

Thesis student and Vice President of Green Affairs Angelica Alexander is optimistic about this year’s proposals, noting that the ideas are more localized in scope than previous projects sponsored by the CGA.

“A lot of them are smaller projects than we’ve been seeing,” Alexander said. “The bike-share program was a giant program, but there’s only so many giant projects we can do.”

“Almost every project we’ve done in the past has been this huge, sweeping across-the-school thing,” Alexander added.

One of the proposals is garnering enthusiasm from many students – an effort to provide reusable plastic water bottles to the student body. The eco-friendly containers will be emblazoned with the New College logo and distributed around campus. The project was requested by second-year Lily Bryan, and will cost $2,925 from Green Fee allocations.

Alexander concluded by saying that the CGA would welcome more involvement from students who had project ideas, as there was still money left to allocate from the Green Fee.

“I wish we had more people who weren’t CGA members attending meetings,” Alexander explained. “And also I wish there was a little world of projects outside of the CGA, because I really like the idea of projects that we don’t see all the time, but that people are really passionate about the projects and want to do them.”

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