New NCSA co-presidents, others elected

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After a weeklong campaign period, Novocollegians cast their ballots on Nov. 3 and 4 in Hamilton “Ham” Center to elect a slew of officials to the New College Student Alliance (NCSA). Following the first round of elections on the 3rd, first-year Michael Long and third-year Oliver Peckham were elected as NCSA co-presidents with 57% of the vote, defeating second-year Hannah Ackerman and third-year Crystal Miller in a runoff. A total of 285 students voted in the runoff, putting turnout at roughly 36 percent.

Other candidates seeking the office of the NCSA presidency included thesis student Richard Decal, who placed third in the general election, and second-year Reese Crispen & third-year Sivens Glaude, who placed fourth.

A proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot, which would have made approval of any changes to the NCSA constitution pursuant to approval from the New College Board of Trustees, was not approved: though the measure received 60% approval, a two-thirds majority was required to ensure its passage.

Other results from the election are as follows:

Justices to the NCSA Student Court (three elected)

✓ Nathan Howell: 180

✓ Gary Baker: 158

✓ Lucas Ballestin: 154

Katherine Kiker: 148

Justis Mills: 2

First-year representative to the Student Allocations Committee (one elected)

✓ Alexander Nicoleau: 103

Brian Dean: 81

Kade Needham: 28

Liat Krongrad: 18

Second-year representative to the Student Allocations Committee (one elected)

✓ Reese Crispen: 194

Ben King: 2

Madhuri Shukla: 1

Shelby Von Hofe: 1

Ed Osborn: 1

Third-year representative to the Student Allocations Committee (one elected)

✓ Raluca Cruceanu: 271

Melinda Thackrah: 2

Ashlyn King: 1

Fourth-year representative to the Student Allocations Committee (one elected)

✓ Jordan Martin: 191

Carlos Larrauri: 103

Stephanie Sherman: 7

Jeremy Blackowiak: 3

Student Affairs Representative (one elected)

✓ Andrea Brody-Barre: 260

Emma Ward: 7

Brent Boland:1

Food Service Representative (two elected)

✓ Sonali Gupta: 222

✓ Tim Duff: 196

Richard Decal: 2

Fitness Center Representative (one elected)

✓ Nicholas Manting-Brewer: 137

Erin Lapeyrolerie: 6

Sivens Glaude: 7

Neal Hargis: 2

Green Affairs Representative (one elected)

✓ Nicholas “Niko” Segal-Wright: 235

Laurel Corrao: 63

Melinda (Mindy) Thackrah: 1

Residence Life Representative (one elected)

✓ Eric van de Castle: 67

Emily Rich: 21

Mindy Thackrah: 20

Laurel Corrao: 12

Andrew Kotick: 3

Ruth Silimon: 3

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