New College Fashion Archive vol. 3: Fall fashion responds to Florida climate
First-year Adeline Harrell posing in a Florida fall-ready outfit. Photo submitted by Harrell.

New College Fashion Archive vol. 3: Fall fashion responds to Florida climate

Florida’s weather is known for its lack of dramatic seasonal changes in temperature and weather patterns. Being the closest continental state to the equator, Florida winter temperatures do not decrease nearly as much as anywhere north of the state. In November, so-called cold fronts in Sarasota are insignificant as temperatures go down only five degrees from an average high of 81 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lows—even on the coldest days of the year—rarely go down below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shifting environments where the leaves of trees actually turn an autumn array of yellows, oranges and reds and shoveling snow off driveways is a normal winter occurrence, those who own lots of heavy sweaters and jackets made to conserve heat may find themselves sweating bullets instead. From students at New College of Florida, here are some fall fashion fits that suit the weird warm winter patterns that make Florida the state it is. All images used were submitted by the students featured.

Catalyst staff writer Gaby Batista, second-year

Starting off with a colder yet elegant alternative outfit, second-year and Catalyst staff writer Gabriella “Gaby” Batista poses in a cropped jacket, a bohemian purple skirt and some knee-high lace-up boots. They finish the look by decorating with guillotine earrings and a couple of short decorative necklaces. The collar of Batista’s partially unzipped jacket does a beautiful job of framing their face and accentuating their neck jewelry. They also considered any unpredicted warm fronts that may occur by keeping their jacket selection cropped with shorter sleeves and left room for exposed skin in the stomach area in order to not trap heat—as the stomach and torso area is one of the major spots of the human body where heat is conserved.

“This is me in the National Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C.,” Batista said. “It was the kinda day where it started out pretty chilly but got real hot in the afternoon. I’m wearing a black zipper top my sister found for me at Goodwill and a pretty purple skirt I found on Depop for Halloween last year. I found my knee high boots on Mercari.”

Nayelis Cardenas, third-year

A mirror frames third-year Nayelis Cardenas taking a selfie in a red, orange, yellow and blue striped crop top, a nifty pair of low-rise bell bottom jeans and a pair of red converse. They adorn the already vibrant outfit with a red bandana, a pair of gold earrings and a framed gold necklace. Since red is scientifically the strongest stimulus to the human eye, the multicolor striped crop top emphasizes the soft green color of Cardenas’ hair that lays on its warm colors. Similar to Batista, Cardenas conserved some warmth by keeping their clothing tight while still leaving room for skin to show in the warm Florida afternoons.   

“I love wearing bright colors because it lifts my mood,” Cardenas explained. “I also like to incorporate all of my outfits into one another.”

Catalyst staff writer Brynn Halpern, first-year

First-year and Catalyst staff writer Brynn Halpern is shown wearing a plethora of colors in a flowing beauty of an outfit. She picked a dark blue bell-sleeved top with flower patterns and matched it with a red and yellow multicolored pair of loose pants. To help accentuate the neckline of the blue top, Halpern chose a black-stringed necklace to decorate the chest. The bright red stripes on her pants match her brightly dyed red hair while the blue top compliments it as an opposing color.

“Most of my clothes are second-hand and thrifted,” Halpern stated. “I feel that the best statement pieces involve some digging in the Goodwill bins. Some used clothes and a ton of accessories can create an amazing outfit.”

Catalyst staff writer Aria Lockman, first-year

Standing outside, first-year and Catalyst staff writer Arianna “Aria” Lockman presents in a combination of clothing that is not afraid of any temperature. She chose a black lined crop top, bleached jean shorts and fishnets that lay up to the torso. Her light-colored hair meshes well with the top’s scooped chest line. Both the crop top and the shorts are from Rue 21, and the shorts are from Spirit Halloween.

“I bought the fishnets for Halloween and I wanted to try them out before that so I put them on—I absolutely loved the results,” Lockman elaborated. “I’ve never had the confidence to dress in this type of style before New College, and it truly makes me feel empowered. It boosts my confidence and it’s actually really comfortable to wear.”

Adeline Harrell, first-year

Posed in front of a bathroom mirror, first-year Adeline Harrell is clothed in vintage. She wears brown high-waisted pants, a moon-themed black cropped shirt and a mid-blue jean jacket. Harrell breaks the myth of black and brown not mixing well by separating the fabric colors by keeping the top cropped above the pants. Additionally, the blue text on the shirt almost matches the color of her blue jean jacket, keeping the outfit wonderfully coherent. The pants are from Shein, the shirt is from Urban Outfitters and the jacket is from Forever 21.

“This outfit makes me feel safe as it hides my body insecurities and feels like a safety blanket, but also makes me feel powerful and stylish,” Harrell commented. “It’s casual but put together and has freedom of movement—which allows me to wear it often no matter the day’s circumstance. I have a lot for coordinating colors and fun earthy elements in my clothing—which I believe this outfit provides!”

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