New College allows first sorority on campus

History is being made as the first ever New College sorority, Lambda Omega Lambda, makes its debut on campus with a Bid Day, the final step of sorority selection process. First-year Mimi Chenyao has been attempting to create a sorority since the beginning of the fall semester and has finally won permission to make her dream a reality. New College Greek life will be centered on First Court, where all of the future pledges will live.

“First Court has always been a lull in terms of student life and activity, and now it will become the center of something new and exciting,” Chenyao said. She is currently petitioning for funds from the Student Allocations Committee (SAC) to repaint the once empty First Court. “It’s going to be pink, pink everywhere, and hopefully a few walls will have glitter and flowers. It’s going to look a lot better.”

Sorority fees will average $1,000 dollars per semester, $500 less than the national average. “A lot of people think that sororities are just about paying for friends, but that’s not it,” Chenyao said. “We’re not going to promise friends. This sorority is mainly about making really pretty decorations for parties and excluding people. We are going to have a lot of parties, a lot of chanting, and a lot of posing in the same way for pictures.”

When asked what the requirements are for acceptance, Chenyao replied, “It’s really easy, you need to tell people that you are ugly for reassurance, wear rain boots when it’s cloudy, be willing to spend a lot on monogramming, go to the bathroom in large groups, make other girls cry, and squeal a lot.”

“Basically First Court’s going to be packed full of sh

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