"Neverland" theme selected for Valentine's Day PCP

Students cast ballots online to decide the theme for the Valentine’s Day 2011 Palm Court Party (PCP) earlier this month, deciding that the “Neverland” theme proposed by second-years Hannah Brown, Bryce Bresnan and Krystaal McClain & first-year Jared O’Connor would grace the campus this February. The election was held unusually early in part because Director of Student Activities and community Engagement Konnie Kruczek will be on maternity leave in the coming weeks and because of the logistics involved in having PCP during the same weekend as various festivities surrounding the celebration of New College’s 50th anniversary.

Total Number of Votes: 521

Neverland PCP: 229 votes; 44.0% (Winner)
Hosts: Hannah Brown, Bryce Bresnan, Krystaal McLain and Jared O’Connor

Steampunk Revolution PCP: 152 votes; 29.2%
Hosts: Bailey Howard and Mark Wilco

Burn it to the Ground PCP: 83 votes; 15.9%
Hosts: Richard Decal and Jordan Martin

Circus PCP: 41 votes; 7.9%
Hosts: Lydia Dumais and  Judith Lobo

Andrew W.K. PCP: 16 votes; 3.1%
Host: Eric Van de Castle

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