Netflix Fright Night

As October rolls around, I can’t help but imagine cooler temperatures, pumpkins and bloody, ghastly films. After all, it is Halloween. The great thing about Netflix is that it opens a portal of seemingly endless digital streaming. However, I have noticed a common obstacle on my endeavors to find a quality film, namely with excellent but misleading posters. This is especially prevalent in the horror section. To make your cinematic adventures more hassle-free this Halloween, I have watched and reviewed ten horror movies that are just to die for.


  1. The Caller

I was hesitant to watch “The Caller” fearing it would be a below average and over-acted thriller, granted I was basing this merely off the fact I hadn’t heard of it before. However, it was shockingly great. A recent divorcee, Mary Kee starts to receive phone calls from a woman she doesn’t know. Mary removes herself from this woman’s telephone presence, but with horrific results. If you are looking for a spooky movie this Halloween, this one will definitely haunt you for a while.


  1. The ABCs of Death

This movie was possibly one of the best I have watched in a while. It is a compilation of short horror films from around the world that are directed by 26 elite masters of horror. Each director is individually given a letter of the alphabet and is told to make a short film beginning with their designated letter. I found myself both shivering in fear and laughing hysterically from the creative masterpieces. Furthermore, you do not find out the title of the short film until it finishes, leaving you to a mental guessing game. I highly recommend this film to all horror enthusiasts.


  1. Children of the Corn

If you have not seen this Stephen King classic, you must. There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of a boy preacher who convinces the local children to murder the adults. I will admit that it has somewhat of a slow-moving plot and some average 1980s special effects, but the atmosphere is so creepy that it wins my vote. Not to mention, the leader of the children slayers, Issac, has a voice that will give you chills.


  1. Evil Dead 2

The sequel to the “Evil Dead” trilogy was anything but disappointing. It is now clear to me why this movie has such a cult following. This movie has both comedic and gory qualities making a really interesting contrast. The lead character, Ash, and his girlfriend find themselves stranded in a cabin in the woods and accidentally cast a spell causing the evil dead to rise and kill. “Evil Dead 2” has it all; quotable one liners, dancing corpses, a surprisingly interesting (and over-acted) plot twist and you don’t have to watch the first one to understand the second one.


  1. Carrie

Not to be confused with the 2013 remake (although it is also available for streaming… but don’t), the original 1974 version with Sissy Spacek (and John Travolta!) is much more eerie. This movie about a telekinetic high school outcast who wreaks havoc at prom is unsettling. There are not many scenes that will make you jump out of your seat, but it leaves an everlasting impression on you in the end.


  1. The Possession

I’ve talked about “The Possession” before, and I won’t stop talking about it now. Nothing in this movie is particularly ground-breaking, however, I thought this movie was pretty well done with a lot of creepy scenes and an interesting story. In this film, a young girl unknowingly unleashes an evil spirit that lives in an old wooden box she bought at a garage sale. This movie will take you on a heart-pounding journey.


  1. Nosferatu

This is where horror all began. This silent classic adaptation of “Dracula” is arguably the best vampire movie of all time, and perhaps the creepiest. The director uses a lot of point-of-view shots, which forces the viewer to see frightening images the main character is witnessing first-hand. Despite being made in 1922, it has been a while since I have been this genuinely disturbed, possibly due to the fast-paced film quality of that time period. Also, Count Orlock is really just terrifying.


  1. Creepshow 2

Join the grotesque but benevolent creep as he introduces an anthology of three campy and gruesome tales written by world renowned master of horror, Stephen King. It is gifted with an excellent touch of 1980s graphics, celebrity cameos and some pretty killer death scenes. So naturally I enjoyed it. It starts pretty slow, but  stay dedicated because by the end, I was enamored by the exaggerated acting “Creepshow 2” has to offer.


  1. Grave Encounters

I feel the whole “Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity” thing is overdone. However, I still gave “Grave Encounters” a chance. Despite its predictable plot, I kept a blanket near my eyes in case I needed to cover them. It is just like any ghost story that was “caught on film,” and of course it has to take place in an old insane asylum giving it that extra “umph” of terrifying and very unfriendly ghastly encounters. It is worth watching and will definitely have you popping out of your seat more than a couple times.


  1. V/H/S 2

I’m choosing to write about “V/H/S 2” because it just so happens to be way better than the first one. Disturbing does not begin to explain it. It is an anthology flick of several “found footage” films. Again, “found footage” films are overdone, but “V/H/S 2” knows exactly how to use it. Parts of the anthology are not as good as others, but the ones that are great make up for it immensely and will have you soiling yourself in no time. Just wait until you get to the cult part.

Have a killer Halloween!

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