NCSA weekly updates – October 7

Last Sunday, the NCSA Executive Cabinet released its updates from August and September to inform the student body of what has been accomplished in the past two months.

Updates from the vice president of green affairs (VPGA), second-year Adilyne McKinlay, included a meeting with the Bike Shoppe and Physical Plant. The Council of Green Affairs (CGA) and McKinlay also conducted intermittent Hamilton Center plate collections around the dorms.

Vice president of academic affairs (VPAA), thesis student Kira Rib, attended faculty meetings, held the first Council of Academic Affairs (CAA) Allocation Session, and appointed thesis student James Esposito as the Writing Program representative and second-year Lizabelt Avila as the international studies representative.

The first Council of Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) meeting was held by the vice president of diversity and inclusion (VPDI), thesis student Raina Senae. Senae also addressed broken overpass railings and the Four Winds Cafe automatic door opener, met with President O’Shea’s Diversity Committee, and drafted the duties and expectations for the new accessibility rep position. The position is up for approval at tonight’s Towne Meeting, which will be held in Palm Court at 6:00 p.m.

Vice President of Student Life (VPSL) and thesis student Taylor Toro helped appoint the two new Police Liaisons, the Resident Advisor (RA) Representative, and the Residential Life Representative.

Vice President of Relations and Financial Affairs (VPRFA) and thesis student Daniella “Dannie” Benedi attended the Florida Student Government District retreat and Florida Student Association’s Polithon and had numerous meetings, including with Associate Dean of Student Affairs Mark Stier, Vice President of Finance and Administration John Martin, and Assistant Director of Alumni Association Glen Van Der Molen.

Executive Secretary and thesis student Bianca Benedi updated the website with all new NCSA employees and representatives, obtained a scanner for the Archive room, and sent out a survey for NCSA information.

All Cabinet members also attended many Orientation events, monthly Towne Meetings, and weekly Cabinet Meetings, and also held weekly office hours.

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