NCSA Weekly Updates – November 18, 2015


On Wednesday, Nov. 11, the New College Student Alliance (NCSA) held their Late Fall Elections. Supervisor of Elections George Thurlow – who recently assumed the position late last month – set up the poll booth in its usual location, near the bathrooms in Hamilton “Ham” Center. A total of 156 votes were cast.

The vote count for two positions differed by only a few votes. Speaker of the Towne Meeting went to second-year Lara Herzog at a four-vote margin, and a Student Court Justice went to first-year Harrison Yates at a one-vote margin. The other elected Student Court Justices were first-year Jackie Scholl and third-year Dylan Pryor, who previously served on the Court. Student Court Counselor elect was returning first-year Sage Ray.

The Student Allocations Committee (SAC) also gained a new set of representatives. The new first-year SAC representative is Volanta Peng, second-year representative is current SAC Chairperson Racha Masara, third-year representative is Jennifer Gierson, and thesis student representative is Sydnie Petteway.

Some NCSA Councils also gained new members. Student Affairs Representative and Residence Life Representative on the Council of Student Life (CSL) are now second-years Mimi Chenyao and Kris Brzostek respectively. The Council of Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) has a new Diversity Representative – second-year Miles Iton – and the Council of Green Affairs (CGA) has a new Green Affairs Representative – first-year Rachel Pic.

Votes were cast at the poll booth starting at 9 a.m. through 7 p.m. that night. Soon after, the Supervisor of Elections and a group of volunteers counted the ballots. When counting was finished and the numbers were confirmed, an email was sent out to the student body with the results. Every ballot is counted twice and ballots for positions with a small margin – such as the Speaker and the Student Court Justice – are recounted for validity.

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