NCSA updates – October 28, 2015


The New College Student Alliance (NCSA) holds Executive Cabinet Meetings every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in HCL 8. NCSA members encourage participation from students. The meetings usually last for an hour to an hour and a half, and anyone can arrive at any point in that timeframe. Students are asked to simply listen, contribute to discussion, or submit agenda items in advance. If agenda items are submitted, the NCSA arranges the agenda according to the guest’s schedule if they cannot stay at the meeting the entire time.

Last week’s meeting covered Police Liaison initiatives, which included the draft for best practices when engaging with transgender individuals, New College Police Department (NCPD) bios, and opportunities for student and police interaction. The Residential Life Committee members were also chosen, and Student Court presented the idea of NCSA space legislation. Discussions about a possible amendment to the Resident Advisor (RA) contract that prevents RAs from engaging in relationships with residents, GRE scholarships, the new Supervisor of Elections – second-year George Thurlow – were presented. There was also a recap on NCSA’s attendance at University of Florida Sarasota-Manatee’s Student Government Executive Board meeting, which focused on potential collaboration with late night library hours.

The Council of Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) will host an Invisible Disability event this Friday, Oct. 30. Updates on a meeting with President O’Shea, on the proposed system for Student Affairs Evaluations, and on the campus master plan were all included as well.

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