NCSA spring elections around the corner

The NCSA election petition period ends at midnight on April 6 and all signed petitions must be submitted in the Supervisor of Elections’ box. Each petition needs to have 25 printed names with signatures and box numbers as well as the name of the petitioner and they position they are running for. Petitioners can begin to campaign on April 7 and the election is on April 13 from nine a.m. to seven p.m. in Hamilton “Ham” Center.

Open positions include:

Student Court

Public Defender

Student Prosecutor

Student Court Justice

Towne Meeting


Student Allocations Committee / Council of Student Affairs

2nd Year SAC Representative

3rd Year SAC Representative

4th Year SAC Representative

Council of Student Affairs

Residence Life Representative

Student Affairs Representative

Fitness Center Representative

Food Service Representatives

Counseling and Wellness Representative

Landscape Representative

Radio Representative

Council of Green Affairs

Green Affairs Representative

Council of Academic Affairs

Social Sciences Representative

Natural Sciences Representative

Gender Studies Representative

Environmental Studies Representative

Humanities Representative

International Studies Representative

Admissions Representative

Student Academic Standing Committee Representative

Library Representative

Career Education Representative

Educational Policy Committee Representative

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