NCSA offers STI and Hiv testing

A perk to being in college is that there are often free things offered around campus. Whether that be snacks in the library, stress relief arts and crafts in the Gender and Diversity Center (GDC) or free sexually transmitted infection (STI) and HIV testing in the New College Student Association (NCSA) office. The testing is offered every Sunday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Appointments take approximately around 15 minutes. The testing is completely confidential and walk-ins are welcome.

CARES community health organization is the institution that provides the STI and HIV testing.

Sexual education and testing options are important in maintaining health on campus. Next to the NCSA office, is the Share room, where condoms, dental dams and information on different forms of birth control and pamphlets on sexual health are available. So, while getting tested, students can stop in the Share room and get tools for sexual health.

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