NCSA election results

Students elected new members to the New College Student Alliance on April 13 after an election was held in Hamilton “Ham” Center. One-hundred eighty-three students voted and results were sent to students in an e-mail by the Supervisor of Elections Olivia Akl.

William Kingdon won 135 votes to be the new Student Prosecutor, with Grapefruit coming in as the number two choice. Harrison Sherwin won six votes to be Legislator, but declined the position, which goes to Logan Bartholomew, who came in next with four votes. The Student Academic Standing Committee is represented by Sophia Zimmerman (18) with six students at a tie to be the other SASC representative. The rest of the positions are listed below, along with the students who won the positions and the number of votes they received.

Public Defender: Andrew Swain (84)

Fourth-year Student Allocations Committee (SAC) representative: Kathleen McQueeny (72 votes)

Third-year SAC representative: Seth Borden (154)

Second-year SAC representative: Alex Wells (67)

Student Court Justice: Maxmillion Brown (133) and Kathleen Kiker (115)

Resident Life representative: Mindy Thackrah (37)

Fitness Center representative: Bennet Bastion (147)

Student Affairs representative: Shelby von Hofe (14)

Food Service representative: Tim Duff (148)

Counseling and Wellness Center representative: Fred Carriles (94).

Landscape Representative: Roger Butterfield (154)

Radio representative: Martha Gibbons (120)

Green Affairs representative: Vanessa Chastain (133)

Social Sciences representative: Jennie Paiva (112)

Natural Science representative: Emily Myers (72)

Gender Studies representative: Mackenzie Pawliger (153)

Environmental Science representative: Sean Binniger (43)

Humanities representative: Zack Low (133)

International Studies representative: Samantha Sementilli (83)

Admissions representatives: Allison Whitcomb (109) and Philip Carrasco (101)

Library representatives: Jared O’Connor (98) and Tricia Chua (81)

Career Education representative: Susanna Payne-Passmore (4)

Educational Policy Committee representatives: Irini Zervas (104), Erin Kent (94) and David Bacsik (85)

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